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10 Tips For Surviving Recession

When a recession hits everyone is affected, government, foreign investors, businesses and of course the consumer. Nearly every consumer will feel an impact from a recession. There has been no escaping. The root causes were universal and have a domino effect. Since a recession is an unavoidable occurrence when it does it, it's important to [...]

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How Debt Can Affect Your Health

The dreaded debt cycle, no one wants to talk about it and that's why it affects more people than you know. Plenty of people are creating larger debt cycles they cannot get out of every day and are only making it worse because of poor decision making and not having enough information on how to [...]

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Credit Tribunal Cracks Down on Retailers For Club Fees

In recent months the Credit Tribunal has been hot on the heels of major South African retailers with Edcon being the first to feel the heat, however, they have not stopped there and continue to pressure South African retailers regarding their consumer credit practices. The referral of Mr Price to the National Consumer Tribunal for [...]

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How To Save On Your Electricty Bill

Electricity prices are always on the rise and utility bills are getting ugly with Eskom not being the most reliable service provider along with more people being added to the grid every year the pressure on the South African infrastructure is high. To keep up with demand costs will be incurred by the consumer so [...]

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Tips To Reduce Your Water Bill

Cape Town has been hit by the largest drought in years and this water crisis has been an alarming wake-up call for all in the province, with its six dams having less than 20% of usable water left. This leaves the City of Cape Town with about 100 days of water left. While the northern [...]

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