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The Consequences Of Being Blacklisted In South Africa

So you've heard the dreaded term before, blacklisted, but what does it mean to be blacklisted in South Africa. In the current financial climate in South Africa, many people are under some form of financial stress. You may even have fallen behind on some of your credit payments and tried to open up an account [...]

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Credit-rating Worries Expect Rand To Continue To Weaken

The South Africa’s rand is expected to weaken almost two % over the next six months but holds on to some of this year’s gains despite the threat of more rating downgrades, a Reuters poll found. The median forecast of the 45 strategists polled suggests the Rand will slip to 13.40 by end-October from the [...]

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How To Make Tax-efficient Retirement Savings

I think we can all agree that most of us working a 9-5 or running their own businesses secretly hope it will all end in a relaxed retirement, living off all that you've earned and saved up over that period and enjoying your golden years. Preparing for retirement should never be taken lightly and you're [...]

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Tips For Selling Your Car Fast & At A Good Price

A vehicle has become a modern day necessity for most of us, and a source of pride, an indication of hard work and social status and having that taken away can not only leave you in financial ruin but also affect you psychologically. The sad reality is with the tough economic vehicle repossession is not [...]

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Our Latest Radio Ad

At ezDebt solutions, we've helped thousands of ordinary South African consumers feeling the bulking pressure of bills and trying to keep up with servicing their debt. We are committed to reaching out to our communities and helping South Africans live a healthier, more enjoyable debt free life. ezDebt is always looking to reach out to [...]

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