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10 Ways To Stretch Your Holiday Budget

For many South Africans, the December holidays are just around the corner. Irrespective of where you are going and what you will be doing, it is only natural to want to indulge more than usual. No matter how you choose to enjoy your holiday, whatever, you do don’t overspend. Rather try and stretch your holiday [...]

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8 Money Mistakes The Middle Class Keep Making

In South Africa, about 4.3 million middle-class citizens are making use of credit this isn't surprising as many consumers use credit for a variety of purchases from homes, vehicles, clothing to FMCG. Frankly, many South African's have become used to using credit and owing money is seen as something of a norm. Are you part of [...]

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Dangerous Debt Traps To Avoid

Due to the tough economic climate, it may not be that easy to get credit as it was before but that doesn't mean it's going to stop some from finding alternative means of financing the things they want. Why? Because credit is so easier to get than having to save up for what you want, [...]

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10 Questions You Should Ask A Debt Counsellor

Deb review hasn't been cast in good light over the past few years with many consumers being scammed or have bad experiences with debt review companies. Many consumers looking for debt review can be easy targets for scammers or illegal practitioners who want to make a quick buck. So how do you know how is [...]

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