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How South African’s Can Avoid Losing Their Cars To Debt

South Africans are still not coming to terms with their finances and how to better use financial instruments, this has landed them so deep in debt that most of them have no idea how to get out of it, forcing the most desperate to sell their cars. When faced with this sort of crisis and [...]

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How To Handle The Financial Blow of Divorce in SA

Let's face it, divorce can and probably will be financially and emotionally crippling for all involved and even though it can be complicated and driven by emotion it is important to take a step back and the best make decisions based on sound financial advice for both parties.  While the divorce process in SA is [...]

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Debunking 7 Popular Credit Card Myths

Throughout the world, credit cards have gained prominence as a purchase enabler that empowers consumers to conveniently spend while also having access to a credit facility 24/7 as well as the gateway to purchasing goods and services online. Credit cards have made a cashless society possible and have its benefits but also has its shortcomings [...]

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Pick N Pay To Start Selling Food On Credit

In the current economic climate, consumers are feeling the pinch and struggling to make ends meet, having to get back on spending and concentrate on servicing basic needs and consolidating their debt. A long road that is easier said than done, this sort of climate makes it easy to understand why consumers become frustrated as their [...]

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