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I need a loan to pay my debt in South Africa: The Pros & Cons

So you have an emergency expense or simply too much month to get through on what you have left and you think a loan is the only option to get you through this difficult time. While short-term personal loans can be helpful if used correctly it isn't always the answer to every situation and isn't [...]

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I Need Money In South Africa: 6 Tips That Work

In these tough financial times it isn't easy to keep ahead of your bills and due to inflation money is buying you a lot less than it used to in the past. If you need money for bills, if you need money for unexpected circumstances, if you need money for living expenses there are ways [...]

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10 Ways To Get Your Finances Ready For The Year End Spending Sprees

So we're heading into the end of the year where balancing your paycheque becomes even more important and will take plenty of strain. Holiday's, Christmas gifts, back to school preparations and more can really put a dent in your budget as well as rising petrol prices and increasing consumer debt and increase in living costs. [...]

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Don’t Let Black Friday Leave You Blacklisted

There’s a lot to love about the end of the year as we approach the holiday silly season. But with that comes some reckless behaviour which should be kept under control especially with so many sales pitfalls coming your way. For example, be careful not to overspend particularly during the biggest shopping weeks of the [...]

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