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12 Ways To Save When On Your Grocery Shopping

At ezDebt we're always encouraging South Africans to take control of their finances, to spend responsibly and live within their means. We know this isn't always possible but it is important to get into habits that will set you up for future financial success. While there are always ways to save there is of course [...]

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What Is Your Consumer Rights In South Africa

A major part of South Africa’s economic growth is increasing the amount consumers’ as well as the amount of consumer spending that happens annually within the country. When consumers spend on goods and services they drive up production and facilitate growth in a range of sectors and are the machine that keeps the countries economy moving forward. [...]

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How Do You Use Your Extra Cash? 13th Cheque Tips

If you've  received a 13th cheque or tax refund this past year then you're one of the lucky South African consumers with only a small percentage of South African's getting a little something extra this year. While it can come as a surprise during tough economic times and It can bring some financial relief (if used prudently) especially as December [...]

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Why You Should Pay Attention To Alt Coins?

If you're reading this you've probably heard of Bitcoin the generic term currently categorizing the entire cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin has become most peoples introduction to the concept of cryptocurrency and will for the foreseeable future be the generic term for the market, like hoovers are for vacuum cleaners, sellotape for adhesive tape and Jacuzzi for [...]

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