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When Will Debt Be Written off in South Africa?

At ezDebt, we aim to not only help South Africans get out of the cycle of debt but also educate them about money and the consequences of their actions. Debt should always be paid off in a reasonable and timely fashion to avoid filing for bankruptcy or being blacklisted. For more on blacklisting in South Africa [...]

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20 Household Hacks That Will Save You Money

When times are tough and the belt needs tightening people always see it as an impossible task that is an uphill battle. They see it from the most extreme point of view rather than taking small measures to save a few bucks here and there The funny thing is that some of the best money-saving [...]

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10 Reasons Why People Struggle To Pay Debt

Having complete control over your finances isn't a trait all of us are born with and managing your money comes from self-discipline and setting down positive habits from the day you start to earn an income. Saving may seem easy in theory but it requires consistent practice and monitoring. For most people, this does not [...]

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10 Things You Should To Do When You Get Retrenched

During tough times it's not only consumers who feel the pinch but companies too and to stay afloat businesses often look at ways to reduce their operating costs. This normally results in the retrenchment of a number of employees. Retrenchment can happen at any time and can often blindside the employee which can have a [...]

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