The majority of South African’s do not spend time thinking about their financial health. When it comes to your finances, poor decisions you make today can cost you for the rest of your life and this behaviour, believe it or not, can be compared to creatures in the animal kingdom. Do you know what kind of animal represents and influencers your financial decisions?

Try taking our quiz yourself, and find out what financial animal spirit lives inside you.

Do you own or rent your current home?

Do you own a car?

How often do you eat out per month?

Do you have any savings?

Do you have a credit card?

Do you have children?

Are you currently employed?

Do you have any debt?

Do you have any investments? Stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, unit trusts etc.

What is your martial status?

Manage your debt effectively

If you still need help with your savings and you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current financial situation, feel free to contact us. To Speak to one our consultants about debt review contact us here.

Image credit: BBC By Dhruti Shah and Dominic Bailey