What is a South African Credit Score?

Unfortunately, not every South African has the luxury of not "paying back the money" and for those who don't, this can result in penalties to your credit score that will affect your financial well-being well into the future. Having a poor credit score can result in you struggling to finance big-ticket items you may need [...]

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12 Ways South Africans Can Handle Credit Card Debt

If you’re stuck dealing with credit card debt then the first thing you need to realise is these are not special circumstances, you’re not alone plenty of South African's have misused their credit cards or had to lean on them during tough economic times. The National Credit Regulator claims that 58% of South African consumers [...]

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Pick N Pay To Start Selling Food On Credit

In the current economic climate, consumers are feeling the pinch and struggling to make ends meet, having to get back on spending and concentrate on servicing basic needs and consolidating their debt. A long road that is easier said than done, this sort of climate makes it easy to understand why consumers become frustrated as their [...]

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The Consequences Of Being Blacklisted In South Africa

So you've heard the dreaded term before, blacklisted, but what does it mean to be blacklisted in South Africa. In the current financial climate in South Africa, many people are under some form of financial stress. You may even have fallen behind on some of your credit payments and tried to open up an account [...]

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Credit-rating Worries Expect Rand To Continue To Weaken

The South Africa’s rand is expected to weaken almost two % over the next six months but holds on to some of this year’s gains despite the threat of more rating downgrades, a Reuters poll found. The median forecast of the 45 strategists polled suggests the Rand will slip to 13.40 by end-October from the [...]

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