Our Debt Counselling  Solution


EZDebt’s process helps makes the process of financial freedom very reachable by negotiating a structured debt repayment plan with their creditors. All this in 5 easy steps over 60 days.

Debt Review is a formal debt solution that is governed by the National Credit Act in passed in 2007. At EZDebt we usher our clients through debt review thereby enabling them to make smaller monthly payments and have more money in their pockets at the end of the month.

EZDEbt has the ability to negotiate the monthly repayment fees by up to 50% on extended terms and reduce interest rates in some cases.

Debt counsellors will formally review your finances and develop a suitable monthly budget by negotiating with your creditors on your behalf
Enables clients to make one monthly debt repayment
Stops creditors from hassling you
Decreases judgements against you
Prevents you from declaring bankruptcy
Maps out the path towards becoming debt free
DCM supports you during the Debt Counselling Process. Your Debt Counsellor will use the National Payment Distribution Agency (NPDA) to collect your payment and distribute this effectively to all your creditors. The NPDA is South Africa’s No.1 payment distribution agency and is trusted by the majority of registered NCR Debt Counsellors in South Africa.
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